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Principle of Moments

In physics, the Principle of Moments states that when the total clockwise force about a point is equal to the total anti-clockwise force about the point, a body is in balance. I was imagining this concept in terms of time: considering how there is no reversal of time -- or anti-clockwise force -- that might offer an easier path to a sense of balance.  These paintings grew out of musings about this and the non-linearity of time. More specifically, I was thinking about the demands placed on women (as professionals, mothers, caretakers, domestic managers, and all-around go to persons) and how often we try to stack too many things in a race against the clock. It is a constant game of working ahead and running to catch up. The patterns in these paintings are broken into small segments of color that are stacked one on top of another referencing the saturation of life's demands.

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