Systems & Facades

I have always been drawn to architectural facades and how they cover up or alter the exterior of buildings. They act as a shell for what is beneath, often adding ornament and perceived value to something ordinary. I am equally drawn to the vents, pipes, and systems like air handling systems that provide some service to the inside but are hidden on the outside. There is a separation: a disguise or mask hiding what is inconvenient or ugly. We do this with buildings and we do this with people. How often do we really see, or even think to look beyond what is immediately visible? We employ a sense of magical thinking and apply it ubiquitously across our lives, rendering invisible what we do not wish to perceive. We all do this and rarely are we aware of the inherent biases we apply to the world around us.


I create layered paintings in which detailed visual elements beg to be seen but are covered over, often by blanket systems of pattern. There are hints of the previous work like gaps where previous elements peek through, and the telltale surface scars from the paint below, but they are less visually dominant and require careful observation. I am interested in ideas of scaffolding and protection but also in ideas of evolution and change – like a palimpsest where one thing covers over another, but the erasure is incomplete.