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Systems & Facades

I am fascinated by all kinds of systems and our relationship to them. What they are supposed to do, how they come about, and how they work. As individuals in a society, we are constantly navigating one system or another, ones we are aware of and ones that operate in the background. We have systems to ensure our comfort, systems to govern our behavior, systems to meter consumption and waste, systems for just about everything imaginable. They often exist to facilitate something wanted or needed, but by their very nature, they are limited and finite. When systems fail or become deprecated, new functions or systems are layered on top. As we try to assert control over an ever-changing entity, we offer patches, adjustments, solutions, and rebuilds - creating a behemoth monster in the process. Artifacts of previous systems, once direct and logical, become extraneous, convoluted, outdated, and illogical.

I am interested in how structures adapt and expand to fit the current need and what or who is lost in the process. In my paintings invented systems layer over, butt up against, seep through, and grow around ones previous. Intricate patterns are covered over again and again leaving only residual marks and surface scars to indicate their earlier presence. On the surface of the painting there is an organization, but underneath and peeking out between the cracks, one sees trace elements of what came before. I use abstract language to explore societal systems. No one size fits all, and it is easy to grasp how one might fall through the cracks of the very systems designed to help.

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